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Our Veterinary websites add value to your practice

An image building website and digital advertising program is a cost effective, smart way to obtain, engage and retain your clients.   If you have a strategic marketing plan, you know the value of each new customer.   According to the AVMA, in 2006 the average pet owner spent $366 for veterinary services.  Assuming you retain the client for the life of the pet, over a 10 year period each client is worth $3,660.  20 new clients per month from an image building website adds $7,320 to your annual monthly revenue;  240 new clients each year from the website adds almost $88,000 in annual revenue and retaining those clients over a 10 year adds $880,000 in revenue. 

Isn’t it worth investing in a custom image building website?  We think it is, and so do our clients.