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Meet your Design Team | Ann Rohlen

Frances Ann Rohlen.  Ms. Rohlen has, for 40 years, been a community leader in the Chicago area serving in public, private, charitable and business positions ranging from venture capital, investment management and not-for-profit growth. Her vast for-profit corporate experience includes strategic planning, international business development and product development. 

In the not-for-profit area, she specialized in areas of mental health, child abuse and neglect, and women’s issues focusing specifically on teen girl empowerment. Problem solving and clear thinking are two of her great strengths. She has won numerous local, state and national awards for her consistent leadership. She has served on many for profit and not-for-profit boards in the Chicago area, including boards dealing with health care, humanities and social issues. 

She has one dog. She co-founded one animal-assisted therapy organization in Chicago has been instrumental in guiding its 15 year growth strategy.